Friday, October 10, 2008

Frou Frou Fashion Friday

This is the first very froufrou dress I've bought for Apple and I bought it mostly for the shrug, which will go with some of the other things I've bought. The tags are still on, but it came from a second hand store.

Also new, with tags, from the same store, is this ivory eyelet twirl dress. I've seen it on the rack for several weeks and I've had it on my mind a LOT so today was the day I finally bought it. It's not my usual taste, but I can easily imagine Apple wearing this for her first professional photo shoot.

The following beauties from Le Top's boutique lines, Flower Power and Flower Garden remind me of Chez Ami styles. I saw them one evening at a Nordstrom rather far from me and they'd just been marked down. I told myself not to get them, to think about it, because even marked down, they cost more than I like to spend on kid's clothing. I got into my car telling myself I should have gotten them. The next morning I knew I wanted them a LOT, so I phoned my nearest Nordstrom store, then the next and next ones, but they didn't have them. I called the original store and was having them shipped, but the woman kept making mistakes so I knew I needed to get them myself or I'd never see them. I jumped into my car, as soon as I got off work, and drove 27 miles over the bridge, across the Bay and go them. Because...I also bought a used, but like new, red dress that would match with the overall top perfectly.

The overalls are size 18m and look very big. The red dress is size 24m and looks about right. My favorite, the pink dress with the coordinating tights, is size 24 and also looks like it runs big. The pictures with the models are Le Top pictures.

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