Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still Knitting

On Wednesday, I made a little hat for my nephew. I was actually disappointed that I finished it so quickly. I'd planned to knit all evening. I'm getting faster.

Tonight I started a wool soaker. This is what was used over cloth diapers before nylon, rubber and all the new polyurethane fabrics were invented. Wool is naturally water resistant and anti-microbial.

I'm using this pattern:

I've already designed a pattern in my head, but wanted to do one already tried and tested first and I chose the curly purly pattern because it's well-written and looks like it will be a great fit.

I'll post a picture when it's done.

Babies Available Domestically

I just read this on my agencies website:

"DOMESTIC ADOPTION is such a wonderful choice! ...At this time, we have many expectant mothers and not enough adoptive families!"

If anyone is interested, here's a link to my agency. I highly recommend them. I have enjoyed working with everyone there and they've been very attentive in returning calls, etc....

Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.

Last Holiday Season without Apple?

As I drove 168 miles south to spend Thanksgiving with my aunt, I wondered if this would be my last Thanksgiving alone. I realize that the wait and referral rates indicate that I have a long, long way to go still until I have Apple, but anything can happen in a whole year. After all, the wait went from 9 months to 24 months in just a year.

I imagined timing the trip to Apple's nap, packing her things as well as mine and those of any cats that may be coming along. This year I had only one to bring, little Merlin, who is still with me. The others stayed home alone and did well.

It was nice to be in the car with nothing to do but entertain my thoughts. At such moments, my mind inevitably turns to my future with Apple.

As I drove home, I realized I would have to drive more carefully once I have Apple. I'm a very good driver, but did keep up a speed last night just a bit too fast for the strange fog that hit in sudden patches for most of the way. Every time I hit the cruise control, I said to myself, "You can't do this with your child in the car."

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Second Round

I've spent the last hour catching up on some of the blogs I follow but haven't read lately. I am surprised by the number of families who had brought home their child when I was first logged in 19 months ago at CCAA who are now in the process of a second adoption. Some families had just had one biological child at the start of my wait and are now expecting another or have even had another. One family whose blog I follow did all three: first child adopted, second child adopted, third child born to them. A lot sure can happen in 19 months.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Toys of Yesteryear

Anyone remember these? I had toys like this when I was a very little girl. I recently hit Ebay for them. I remember when I finally was able to turn the knob on the record player enough that it would play the whole song before winding down.

The beauty of these toys is that the kids actually have to do something to them to get them to work. The record player must be wound up, the record placed, the arm moved over and the on/off switch activated. Then the child gets the reward of hearing the music. They feel such a sense of accomplishment and I remember that feeling.

I bought some doubles for my daycare, the record player, clock and wind up music boxes, and the kids LOVE them. They are some of the best toys I've bought.

I also bought Apple three musical wind up dolls and I love them! Most likely, as part of her bedtime routine, she will get to pick which doll she wants me to wind for her to listen to after I turn out the light. The two in the pictures below are tiny and super cute. The heads move as the music plays. I got another one that is larger on Ebay that has pink curls and plays Nadia's Theme and the head also moves as it plays. The dolls can be found here and here along with some other places I ran across, including Ebay, which was the least expensive.

Fashion Friday #5

I've been knitting instead of buying. It takes a lot longer to add to Apple's clothing stash if I have to knit, which is a good thing since I've got so much collected now. This picture doesn't do the set justice. The tights are a solid lavender that looks great in natural light. They have an empire waist and straps that cross in the back and button in the front. These are a European classic. The sweater is a matching lavender but with a white rayon thread added for some shimmer. The yarn is also crimped for texture. It's a size 12 months. The tights took 3-4 days because I had to alter the pattern. The first pair that I made using the pattern's recommended size 12 months fit a large 2 year-old! I made the newborn size next and just added a little length to the legs and they are perfect. I measured them against a 6 month-old in the 70th percentile for height. The sweater pattern was right on for size.

This little set began when I saw the pattern for the hat on the yarn label. Then, I noticed a little pattern booklet with the matching dress pattern. The yarn makes the color patterns as one knits. If you want to see the detail, click on the photo. I left the photo large so you can see it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

19 Months Logged In

It seems like a long time to wait when I say it, but it still doesn't feel long. Well, except that many of my friends are about to give birth and they weren't even pregnant when I was logged in at CCAA and started The Great Wait. Which would you rather have a Great Wait or Great Weight?