Friday, November 21, 2008

Toys of Yesteryear

Anyone remember these? I had toys like this when I was a very little girl. I recently hit Ebay for them. I remember when I finally was able to turn the knob on the record player enough that it would play the whole song before winding down.

The beauty of these toys is that the kids actually have to do something to them to get them to work. The record player must be wound up, the record placed, the arm moved over and the on/off switch activated. Then the child gets the reward of hearing the music. They feel such a sense of accomplishment and I remember that feeling.

I bought some doubles for my daycare, the record player, clock and wind up music boxes, and the kids LOVE them. They are some of the best toys I've bought.

I also bought Apple three musical wind up dolls and I love them! Most likely, as part of her bedtime routine, she will get to pick which doll she wants me to wind for her to listen to after I turn out the light. The two in the pictures below are tiny and super cute. The heads move as the music plays. I got another one that is larger on Ebay that has pink curls and plays Nadia's Theme and the head also moves as it plays. The dolls can be found here and here along with some other places I ran across, including Ebay, which was the least expensive.

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nolablossom said...

Hi I found your blog on the March 07 DTC yahoo group! I DO remember those toys - I believe I had most of them!

The wait is extremely hard I know. We are 3/8/07. It's so discouraging... take care!