Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Traditions

Catherine has put out the Christmas Traditions Challenge on her blog where we share the traditions we have with our children or ones we will have once our children are with us. One of the things I'm looking forward to most is taking Apple ice skating at the outdoor rink that is set up each Christmas season in downtown San Francisco. I went skating there tonight for the first time in a few years (due to rain and illness, I missed a few years) and it was great despite the fact that the Zamboni machine was broken and it was like skating on gravel.

Earmuffs, Aspen sweatshirt, and thrift store skates, four shirts and two pairs of pants, mittens already in the car, and I'm ready to go!

This isn't my picture, but this is the rink. Isn't it beautiful with the Ferry Building clock tower right there? I wish it was this empty when I go, but...'s usually crowded like this...

...I prefer to go at night when it's like magic...

Because this is what you see at night during the holidays. The ice rink is just behind the Belle (big boat on the left) and across the street. On the right edge of the top of the Belle you can see 2-3 rows of horizontal lights. This is the Hyatt and the rink is in the courtyard right there between the Hyatt and Embaradero 4 which is the first building of vertical lights in the foreground of the Hyatt.

Now, while I was browsing the net for these photos, I came across this one of a holiday rink in San Jose. It looks awesome and I'm going to go there next weekend!

I made this advent calendar years ago. One bell for each day of Dec. toward Christmas and the Santa at the top on Christmas morning.

I might make a new one when my daughter comes home that has fun things to hang instead of just bell. Who knows?

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