Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guess Who?

Henry would like to submit a Christmas portrait of his choosing. He chose the place and pose, I merely ran for the camera. BTW, he always has this very direct stare, it's sort of his trademark, along with his fur sticking up down the ridge of his back.

Happy New Year to You

Here's to 2010...

I don't expect to be a mom in 2010, but perhaps 2012? I just read on Rumor Queen that it will take 18 YEARS at the current rate of referrals to match all the waiting families.

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I am 41 years old. I wonder how old I'll be when I'm finally a mother.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Being Fruitful

This is my orange tree...

These are oranges growing on my tree...

Look at them all!!!!!

These are thin-skinned, sweet, juicy oranges, too; and the first two I've tried (they aren't quite ripe yet) didn't even have any seeds!

Rogue Zucchini

A week or so after Thanksgiving, I went out to my garden to pick the last of the tomatoes and tripped over this giant 14" rogue zucchini hidden by the weeds.

I thought I'd make some zucchini bread before Christmas and I did, but one batch of bread used only about 1/4 of the zucchini! Today I figured I grate ALL the zucchini and see how much it came out to be, then figure out how many batches of bread I can make. After packing the grated zucchini tightly, I figured I could make three batches. So I did... Mmmmm, can't you just smell them?

There were also two mini-mini loaves but I ate them before taking the picture!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Was It Like?

My first Christmas in my new house. Well....I am definitely starting to love my house. Now that winter is here, I'm not out in the yard much at all and I know I've blogged about how much I love my yard, but I didn't fall in love with my house immediately because I just didn't know it well enough. I figured by Christmas I'd love it and that's what I told anyone who asked if I loved my house.

There's nothing like decorating to get to know each nook and cranny. I felt the first stirrings of love around Halloween and it's been slowly growing on me ever since.

What is really making me fall in love with my house is the total separation between the work areas and living areas. I haven't had that in 12 years so you can imagine how nice it must feel to finally "be home from work."

There are still boxes in the living/dining room, but 2 or 3, and a few in a corner in my bedroom. The sewing room is a total disaster area that requires acrobatic feats to get from the doorway to the cutting table, but I have been sewing and sewing and it's almost heaven.

Back to the main subject, what was Christmas like...

Well, it was low-key. I went to friends' on Christmas Eve and that was fun. Christmas day I honestly slept in until noon, stayed in my pajamas and sewed until 6pm, then went to two movies. I will give the cats new toys in a little while, even though it's nearly 3am.

Next year I hope to host the family gathering. I didn't gather this year because my car is on it's last legs and I have cats on medications, two recovering from being "fixed" (Brother and Poppy), and I'm pretty poor right now, too.

Brother was finally castrated. A friend took him in for me since I couldn't take off work. Poor thing. When I picked him up he was shaking. I asked why and the tech said he was a "scaredy cat." Sure he was scared, but really, he's a very sensitive boy. He likes to get used to things slowly then he's fine. I really felt bad for him. He was in a lot of pain, too, because his incision was large to accommodate his large testicles. Yes, my man was well-endowed. I'll not wait so long ever again in I have another male kitten. For two days afterward, he startled when he heard approaching footsteps and didn't sleep well.

Poppy did well even though she was frantic in her sleep the first night, legs twitching and rolling all over. Her incision was smaller than brother's, only one tiny stitch and she didn't seem to be in much pain.

I'm nervous about waiting to do Henry now that I've seen what Brother went through. The thing about Henry, though, is that his condition makes anesthesia more complicated and dangerous.

I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve weekend since it means more time off work and my birthday.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Pre-made center piece 60% off!

I made each of these stockings from scratch or by embellishing a cheap one.

I tried doing cat portraits this year since it's the three kittens' first Christmas, but I was rushed, some didn't feel well and it's always hard to do under the best of circumstances. Here are the results...Please meet my feline family members...

Meow (18) I thought I was going to lose her last week.
She's much better now, thank goodness!

Sunshine (17) would like to say, "Bah, humbug!

Pooch (17) refused to sit her bottom down.

Rose (9 1/2)

Sam (3)

Velvet (3), often called Nini.

Merlin (1)

Henry and Brother (9 months)

Poppy (7 months)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fashion Friday #16 (on Wednesday)

It's been awhile since I bought anything for Apple, for several reasons. One, I am pretty broke. Two, I have more than enough already. Three, the weather has been freezing, my car has no heater and is on it's last legs, so it's hard to go anywhere. And, four, this season's clothes don't appeal to me much at all. I sure remember last season's, though! Anyway, I found these things here and there, all under $12.99, some new and some used. They are all size 4-5 except the last one which is a 12m. I was going to give it away, but liked it too much.

Sewing for The Peach

The Peach is a baby in my daycare and the recipient of the sewing her mom and I did a couple weeks ago. I made this top after The Peach's bottle leaked and she didn't have another shirt to go over her onesie. I loved this so much that I bought the same fabric so I can make a set for Apple.

Once I drafted this pinafore pattern, the sewing was very fast. It's not got a button on the back yet, but The Peach's mom couldn't resist putting her in it anyway for a day and I was glad so I could get some pictures.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sewing Day

One of my daycare moms sews and knits and does crafts, as I do, and her baby needed winter pants that fit over diaper service diapers, unlike most ready-to-wear baby clothes do. I invited her over for my first ever in my new house Sewing Day yesterday and we were both in heaven! We sewed these five pairs of reversible pants. If you click on the photo, it will come up larger and you can see how gorgeous they are. I made one matching pinafore, too, but will post a picture of it with the pants later.

I put up a table in the downstairs family room which overlooks the back yard through a sliding glass door and window that makes the entire back wall of that room. It was pouring rain and we were so cozy inside with good music playing, good quality fabric running through our fingers and sewing machines, and the satisfaction of knowing we were being creative, nurturing, productive, and simply relaxing in the time honored tradition of women thoughout history.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, I made this doll crib bedding for one of my little friends and clients. This crib belonged to her mother before her.

Henry is FIVE Pounds!

It's a Miracle!

Henry is doing as well as he possibly can be, given his condition! He is extremely loving to everyone he meets, he's got nerves of steel, and one of the best cat moments of my life was to awaken one morning to see him playing with my shoelaces. In fact, any time he does anything "normal" for a kitten, I'm in awe and celebrate. He's even had his first gentle scolding for trying to take food off my plate. I'm so glad to have him and my other cats, young and old. I treasure each of them and am especially happy to be celebrating another Christmas with my Meow, who is almost 18 years old. She and White, who died awhile ago, were my original kitties that I got in 1992. As I sit here typing, I'm happily distracted by the kittens darting back and forth and under the Christmas tree, up the window sills and down again, and all over the place. They are such a happy herd of kitties.

Henry, Sammy (10+ pounds), Brother (9 lbs. 13.2 oz.)

Brother and Poppy!

Brother loves his Poppy.


Oh, Christmas Tree!

Finished Tree in natural light without a tripod, hence the blur.

Choosing a tree this year was fun since I was able to fit a full, round one in my new house. I was longing for a full, 8 foot Noble Fir, but they were very expensive so I knew it was out of the question for this year. Instead, I got a bushy 6 foot Douglas Fir and put it up on a table. The drawback to the Douglas Firs is that the branches are weak and can't support the ornaments. They also don't have space between the branches to really show off the ornaments or allow room for the beads to drape. On the plus side, they are pretty!

The naked tree in the naked windows.

Almost done.

My Lil' Helper, Henry.
Every time he does something kitten-like, I rejoice,
because he's such a little miracle.

Light fixture dilemma.
No, this fixture isn't the tree topper!

Photographing from the side to avoid the light fixture.

Going to a party!

Did some curls on the ponytail and they actually stayed in!