Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I went back to the very first post of my blog and started re-reading some of what I wrote over two years ago. As I read this post and this post I started laughing out loud because yesterday I renewed my fingerprints at the same place and didn't think twice to blog about it or even be excited about it. In fact, I kept wondering if I should have held off longer before completing the renewal of my I-600 form.

I can remember two years ago the feeling I had when that envelope from CIS arrived and how I was so eager and excited to complete the fingerprinting. I've now been fingerprinted at least FOUR TIMES for this adoption, perhaps even five or six; I've honestly lost track. Now, I feel glad to do it, it means I'm getting closer to the end, but in my head I'm saying, "Hello, how many times do you need to waste resources doing this? It's not like I've had finger transplants in the last two years!"

It reminds me of how I've felt when I've attended FCC functions. Parents with their children are soooooo past the adoption and are now focused on raising their kids that I stopped attending these functions because I can see they'd be much more fun and relevant once I have my child. Another analogy is the first-time pregnant mom who is so into the birth experience and the mom with the newborn who is past that and focused only on the baby.

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