Monday, January 12, 2009

Pooch Update

She's returning to life! She got her voice back, she's showing interest in food by going to her eating spot, but after smelling the food, turns away still, but having hunger is a great sign. Best of all, I swear today she is less yellow - less jaundiced. I found her sleeping in her regular places today twice and she came up onto my lap for a good cuddle. I also saw her go into the kitchen and drink from the water bowl twice. This is very good since I haven't done a subcutaneous infusion for two days and she seems to be staying well-hydrated. I wonder how many lives she's got left after all? I love this cat too much to lose her right now; so soon after losing her sister and my Bianca. If I could rename Pooch, I'd call her Allegra because she's such a happy cat. She exudes happiness.

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