Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashion Friday #10

I've not done much shopping for Apple, mostly because I have so much, but it definitely helps that I'm trying to save for a house and that the clothing lines haven't appealed to me this last year. All these things, except for the black/white striped Pumpkin Patch tights (which were on sale) are second-hand. I've left the pictures quite large so if you would like to see the details, just click on the pictures. The pink Gymboree jacket, in all its shiny satin glory, and the shoes, along with the sweater, look great larger. The red tights are Hannah Andersson and the florals are Gymboree, the Bear Bottoms are Gap, along with the white top. The tights were $4 each so it's quite a huge savings since they are normally around $12 per pair.


Eliza2006 said...

very cute stuff! you have good taste!

Kim said...

I really like the bear tights :)