Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 Falls and I was Outta There

Last week was tough, very tough. The ups and downs of escrow, sick daycare kids, me sick, business concerns, broken down car...

Needless to say, I've not had time to ice skate for two weeks. I missed my class last Tuesday in favor of filing my taxes in person so they can be used on my home loan paperwork. Recreational/practice skating was out for all the reasons mentioned above. Tonight I went and enjoyed class, but I left practice early afterward after my THIRD fall!

I don't fall often. Perhaps in a month I'll fall one time. When I fell the first time tonight, the thought of trying to manage my up-coming move with a casted leg or arm ran through my mind. After the second fall I shook my head and began to wonder what I was doing to myself. When I fell the third time, the hardest fall of the night, I decided enough was enough and my poor, tired, sick (almost better) body and tired, preoccupied mind had had enough.

I proceeded to run through my four basic forward 3-turns, a sort of "get-back-on-the-horse" thing, then packed up and left -- on the bus, because my car is in the shop, too :(

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Lisa and Tate said...

Oh ya... do not break anything before the big move. When will you post pictures of the new house??? I tried to email you with nursery pics, but email address would not work....

No more falls.... be careful!