Friday, April 17, 2009

Pooch's Health and the other Old Ladies

I just realized it's been since Jan. 12, 2009 that I last posted on Pooch. Until just last week, I was still having to spoon-feed her, but I took her to the vet for follow-up bloodwork and he gave me a pill that stimulates her appetite so now she eats. Here's the latest:

Not only does Pooch have hyperthyroid, now nicely controlled with daily meds, but her kidney function is down, which goes hand-in-hand with hyperthyroid. I am to give her regular subcutaneous fluids and feed her special food (expensive, but I'm glad to still have my kitty). She really perked up on this regime, like her old self. Pretty darn good for a kitty closing in on turning 18 years old.

I also took my grand old lady, Meow (pronounced like a cat would say it), in for a check and she also has hyperthyroid and probable kidney issues so she's on the same regime as Pooch. Meow is over a year older than Pooch.

Sunshine, Meow's daughter, was checked at the vet, too, but only her teeth and gums, no blood taken since it's so expensive and I had to do the other two. However, I'll bet she's got the same things. She's next for bloodwork when I have the money.

I took Meow and Sunshine to a special lady who cleans the cats teeth without having to use anesthesia and she was very impressed at their muscle tone and good quality of their fur. She congratulated me on taking such excellent care of my cats, especially that I take the time to make their food ( It was nice to hear because I don't have anything to compare them with, they are the oldest cats I've ever had.

Most of all, barring disaster, I'm super glad to have Meow to move with to our new home. She was one of two "original first kitties" and I feel I need her to initiate our new home properly. When I moved into the apartment I currently live in, she adapted right away, while my alphacat, White, who is no longer living, hid for three straight days under the covers of my bed. It was the opposite reaction I'd expected from both cats. So, I'm glad to have Meow with me for this move, to blaze the trail with me to our new life.

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Jaren said...

Congrats on your new house! This is YOUR YEAR!