Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry, No Pics Yet

I have so much to do. I am overwhelmed. I did get a full night's sleep last night, though, and it felt great to wake up this morning - until I moved. Then every cell in my worn out body screamed in pain.

I am not a wimp. I've been sore before, but not like this. One of the most sore parts of my body are the bottoms of my feet. I lifted and lifted and lifted so many heavy things that the tissue between my bones and the floor got compressed, really compressed, over and over and now it's very, very sore. You should see how funny I look walking in stores because the floors are so hard.

My right shoulder is pretty bad, but only when I move certain ways. I'm afraid it's actually been injured because today I had several sharp pains in the same place.

Next most painful spot is my neck, on the right side, part of the shoulder thing.

Of course, my back hurts, too, but, as a former gymnast, I'm used to back pain.

My legs did pretty well today. Two days ago, my leg muscles, especially the thighs, kept cramping and giving out on me from sheer exhaustion.

A couple nights ago I was at Sears looking at refridgerators and there was some kind of massage chair set up so I sat on it. It was sweet torture! The shiatsu setting made hard balls roll up and down my back and I kept holding my yells of pain in and only letting out the groans because it hurt so much. At the same time, I could tell it was ironing my muscles out. When I finally got up, I did feel quite a bit better.

I did accomplish some things today. I got out all but three pattern orders, the first in EIGHT days! Yikes! Three are left because I can't find the patterns the customers ordered. I may have them drop-shipped from one of my dealers.

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B said...

Oh, goodness. I hope that your body has started the healing process. Perhaps a nice bath might help. Still drinking Dr. Pepper? Love, B