Saturday, May 16, 2009

Video Challenged

Seriously! I made the house tour video, but the audio is ahead of the video so when I say, "And here is the livingroom, you see the bathroom!" I was laughing like crazy. I tried up upload to You Tube but my video is 21 minutes long so I'm going to have to edit it or post in two parts, if I can figure out how. Since it's coming up on 4am, I will not try now; I need sleep badly.

I spent the day running around, back and forth, like this:

Took the day off and had to sleep in a little to catch up and regain some brain function.

Called the interior designer to make a "help pick paint" appointment and she said she could come in 30 minutes. Great! Really, I was glad, but had to quickly get dressed and feed the cats.

Met E.H. at my apartment to show her what I did with her last advice then we went to the new house. She was impressed. I could hardly get her out of the back yard and focussed on paint.

Went back to my apartment to grab some lunch (if you can call it that, 3 cheesey tortillas and some yogurt) and called the locksmith. He could meet me in 15 minutes!

I threw the "Wild Rocking Whale" (seesaw whale) into the back of my car so as not to waste a trip then quickly fit in a brief stop to arrange garbage service, which is next door to the paint store. I picked up color samples.

Back to the new house to meet the locksmith. While there, the sellers agent came by to bring a SOLD sign so I could take my picture in front of it. Unfortunately, my camera has started dying and can't focus any more. Luckily, the agent had his own camera. I'm still waiting for him to email the pictures to me.

By now the locksmith left, after pointing out a zillion flaws with my doors. What do you expect for being over 100 years old? They really are flawed, though, and I may need to replace the front basement door. I measured every drawer, cupboard and shelf.

I can't remember what I did next - wait, yes I do. I went to my friend's to look at a lawnmower then loaded my car up with things from storage. From there I went to W-mart to get all the necessary cleaning supplies for a large home like a new broom and dustpan, two toilet brushes in closing holders, Dr. Pepper to give me caffeine boost (I've had four this month. I've not had four in the last four years!). I was doing intense mathematical calculations to determine the amount of shelf paper and drawer liner I needed and came with needing over $100 worth with quite a bit wasted. I recalculated twice more and then my designer/sewing brain turned on and I realized that I can buy vinyl by the yard in 54" width so I ditched the "official" stuff and saved myself $60 by getting the frosted vinyl and will have very little waste by the time I'm finished. You should have seen me trying to choose dishwasher detergent. It's been at least 10 years since I've used a dishwasher. Did you know there are some kind of tiny detergent pouches now? I didn't buy any, I needed to go home and look at the dishwasher up close and read the manual so I'd know what to buy.

Finally, after 10pm, I was finished and went over to the grocery store to get one more natural cleaner that wasn't at W-mart and some frozen dinners to fix in my new place so I wouldn't drop dead of hunger before enjoying it. I got to my home and unloaded my car while my dinner cooked. It smelled great! I've had a lowgrade migraine (until a little after drinking the Dr. Pepper) all day from the paint fumes still in the house.

At 2am I had arranged a display of my new dish towells and mat for your enjoyment, photographed with my new Kodak Z16 while at the same time, taking a wreck of an image with my worn out Canon so the flash would go off. Until I finalize my decor, these will suffice...


Eliza2006 said...

I need more pics! This is so exciting!

bella said...

I really like your kitchen colors and it looks like you have a bright cheerful kitchen. Are you doing the painting your self? I am anxiously awaiting more pictures congratulation you must be over the moon with joy.