Thursday, June 11, 2009

Introducing Poppy, my New Little White

This is Poppy. I received her on June 8. Her ferral mom with three kittens were rescued and after three weeks it was noticed that Poppy was half the size of her siblings. She was given to a friend of mine to hand-raise, but was doing poorly. My friend called me up to give me the scoop and see if I could help since I have more available resources. The minute I found out Poppy was a white kitten with a black smudge on her head, I new my new white cat had come to me. I lost my White (yes, that's her name, she insisted on it herself) a few years ago to cancer and my home hasn't been the same. It was particularly hard leaving my apartment, knowing she wasn't coming to the new house. It turns out that Poppy was rescued from the same area my White originally came from. The chance that she is a decendant of the same genetic line is very high! I have a strong feeling that Poppy will look a lot like Max, White's son, because she's very fluffy.

In this video I was surprised to see how rough my hands look when I touch Poppy, but I truly was extremely gentle. She only weighs 4.2 ounces.