Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moving the Cats

Like Sammy, Pooch packed herself, at least she thought so. With the help of my friend Jackie, whose Volvo station wagon had a larger opening than my Ford Taurus wagon, we got the cats and kennels loaded and moved to the new house. I carried each cat into the house in the order in which I acquired them.

Here are two videos, one of their first night and the other after a few days when I let them out of their little room to begin exploring the new house. I used my Kodak Zi6. Obviously, I need a lot of practice before I get Apple. I'm not good at taking video at all! Oh, I call Rose "Beebs." It evolved when she was tiny and I called her "The Baby" then "Baby" then "B" and, finally, "Beebs." Rose has an interesting reaction when I ask her how she likes the new house.

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