Thursday, July 16, 2009

27 Months Behind Me

It's nearly 2am and I'm just getting around to posting that my dossier has been logged in with CCAA in China for 27 months now. It's been a very long day, the second in a row and I didn't get to bed last night until 4am. Here are the quick highlights:

· Poppy is now 8 weeks old and she is just over one pound. She is extremely cute right now, having just discovered she has legs with feet attached and a TAIL. She lays on the floor trying to catch one of these body parts and play with it.

· As of today, Henry and Brother are now my cats. My friend came back from her trip and took them home after I worked hard to stabilize and improve Henry. She wasn't able to keep up the regime (she is fostering other kittens along with her own 7 cats) and he had a bad relapse. Brother also started reacting to the stress by hiding so in she marched in this morning with the Indy Brothers (Henry and Brother) so named because they have extremely loud purrs.

· Henry did begin to stabilize after 6 hours, but I had to do a subcutaneous fluid infusion. If he responds to what I was doing before my friend came back, he'll be a happy kitten in about two days.

· I have mowed my own lawn twice now, the first two times I've ever done it in my life. I have also used a weed wacker.

· I got one measely apricot off my fully laden tree that is now completely bare of fruit thanks to the local wildlife. Next year it's WAR!

· I went to Yanni's concert here in my area last month and it was WONDERFUL! I've been enjoying the new CDs like crazy.

· I have three new appliances that make my toes curl with glee, a Dyson vacuum, Vita Mix Blender and a large electric griddle. I have one new piece of furniture that I love even though I'm not sure where it will finally be placed.

I will post pictures and video soon!

Happy LID Anniversay to me.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I've now reached my definition of certifiably insane, I have 10, TEN, cats, and they are all MINE!


bella said...

When I asked for news about the Kitties, I wasn't expecting ownership! LOL Congratulations on the new additions; Henry and brother. They know where their home and house person is. maybe it was too stressful, living with some of their old house mates. I say that because I had to find a home for our peaches when the King and queen in residence made her life miserable, however they quickly accepted Guisseppi one of my daughters' cat. Cats personalities clashed, who knows ????? wow your mowing and weed wacking do you wear socks and heavy shoes? I learned from experience to protect those ankles. what a happy home owner your are, enjoy its fun.

Kim said...

Holy cow, how do you keep up with 10 cats? When I brought Natalie home I had to put all but one cat outside. Working and taking care of the baby didn't leave much cat cleaning up time.

Eliza2006 said...

10 cats is serious business! 27 months closer!