Monday, July 27, 2009

Beautiful Poppy

Dainty Little Thing

Stretching in the Sun

First time sleeping outside the "nursery"

Ah, mama's jammies smell so nice!

I'm just a speck on the bed, but I'm growing!

Poppy is now ten weeks old. She weighs about 1.75 pounds (She should weigh at least 2.5 pounds). I started letting her have the run of the house but it overwhelmed her so she still spends some time each day in her "nursery" which is a soft-sided kennel with her bed, litterbox and play space. At night she still sleeps in the small carrying kennel by my bed and she gets a bottle of kitten formula first thing in the morning.

Poppy has discovered how nice it is to cuddle and be petted instead of always trying to nip and play. She's developing very nice manners and talks in a pleasant voice that is mostly Mouse Speak since she squeaks still instead of having a real meow. She can be loud when she needs to, like when she was first in foster care and scared. She gives The Boys a run for their money at play time and they've learned to be gentle (most of the time). Poppy hides in a tiny place where The Boys can't reach her when they get too rough.

Poppy is VERY smart and knows her name, knows when and where dinner is served, figured out how to get up on my bed via a little basket, she grooms well, for a baby, and always uses the litterbox (though in her night quarters she still uses a pie tin!). She's my absolute delight!

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