Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Apple seems far, far away right now. I'm so busy getting the house settled and to maintain the housekeeping that I'm very distracted from my adoption process. However, I always peek at baby clothes when I'm out and every time I see a little Asian girl I say, "That's my future."

I've got 10 cats in my house right now and 8 are mine. Poppy is continuing to grow, but at nearly 7 weeks, still hasn't hit the one pound mark yet. She's growing, though, hitting a whopping 13.4 ounces, which is more than three times what she weighed when I got her. She runs and plays now, tackling me like she's a giant and not a pygmy. I keep her in a big kennel during the day and a small one beside my bed at night. As often as I can, I let her out to run around but I have to be right with her the entire time because Merlin treats her like a mouse, grabbing her and kicking her with his back legs like cats do. She freezes and plays dead when she feels threatened, or sits and shakes with fear so I have to be her protector so she feels perfectly safe.

I have two visiting kittens. One is special-needs. They are orange tabby brothers, Hank and Henry though Hank name doesn't suit him at all. Hank is very rough with Poppy as he really thinks she's a toy or mouse so I have to be very, very vigilant when he's not shut in the playroom and Poppy is running around. They started out almost identical but Henry didn't eat well and didn't grow. While Poppy is about 40 percent normal size for her age, Henry is around 25-30 percent normal and he looks unhealthy, especially compared to his sleak, handsome, soft brother. I believe he has severe reflux. Though he's been at the vet several times and finished a course of strong antibiotics, I am also treating him with Pepcid, grain-free food, calorie gel and kitten formula. He's gained 4.2 ounces in 4 days, he's not vomited except once right after he arrived and he's been playing a little bit. Without the medication he burps a LOT, coughs up mucous and his stomach grumbles and growls constantly and violently and he does the pain huddle after eating, when he'll eat. With the medication, he burps, but less, has stomach grumbles, but much less and less severe, and he doesn't cough up mucous, except in the early morning before his dose. The vets didn't diagnose this condition or prescribe the medication, but after having Darling and after some daycare kids with GERD, I recognize the symptoms and know what to do.

Needless to say, it keeps me busy taking care of everyone. Pooch is still spoon-fed and I'm training Meow to the spoon now since she's having eating issues, too. Sammy is regressing. He has fond memories of his bottle and has always been interested in sound of formula being shaken. I let him try a bottle and, while he didn't suck, he also didn't bite it, but did a half suck/lap thing. It was probably bad of me to give in and give him a taste but Rose is 9 and still sucks on my finger at night.

I finally had a chance to read the instructions that came with my Kodak video device so I'll have more videos of Poppy to post that are easier to upload. For now, here are my favorite photos so far (do click to view them larger)...

Gorgeous whiskers

With gentle Sammy

Meeting Bianca, a very, very, very large dog

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