Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have a curse on me and I'd really like to break it. Every time I get something at a home improvement store, never matters which one, the item is ALWAYS defective. Here are some examples:

1: Doorbell. I bought one. It only worked half the time. Went back and got another one, more expensive. It works. Two tries to get it right.

2. Stove. I bought one and waited a week for it to arrive. The day came and the delivery men brought it in and hooked it up. One burner didn't light. Away it went. Another week later, different delivery men came with another stove. I looked at it on the truck and it had a small dent in the side. The side that was going to SHOW! I told them not to bother bringing it in. I phoned the store and complained, mentioned I was ready to get a refund and go to a competitor. They offered to give me back $100 so I gave them another chance. Another week later, I get my stove, and it works. Three tries to get it right.

3. Kitchen faucet. Bought one in the recommended color. Got it home, it was not a good color match despited what the "expert" said. Took it back got the same model in the correct color. I installed it myself and I hated it. It looked great, performed terribly. It had a long neck and I've discovered that long-necked faucets have a flaw... After turning off the faucet, the water keeps running out because the neck is still full of water. I couldn't stand the waste so I took it back and got another one. Three tries to get it right. Oh, and they said they were going to through the returned one away because it had been "used."

4. Bathroom faucet. Thankfully, the old one came right out. I was worried because there wasn't much working room. I bought one after looking at two stores. I had great customer service at the store where I made the purchase, but it's 20 miles away so you can imagine how peeved I was when I got it home and opened the box and saw that it was defective. The metal was bent on the faucet head, leaving a sharp corner sticking out. I went back and exchanged it tonight after looking again at the closer store. So, four trips to the store so far and, guess what? The ends where I have to attach the water hoses are too short so the hoses don't reach so I have to go back a fifth time and see if they have longer hoses or extensions.

Can anyone remember when products in the U.S.A. met a high standard of QUALITY? Now, it's all about being disposable and cheap.

Part two to this post is the lack of professionals or experts, yet they still asked to be paid. I took Poppy and Henry to the vet. Poppy had vomited three times in 24 hours, refused her bottle and barely ate her meat. Henry was doing well and I wanted to know more about possible diagnostics and treatments. The vet examined Poppy, declared her healthy then proceeded to lecture me on her diet.

Number one, he said she should be weaned by 6 weeks, that Americans are the only ones who drink milk in large quantities after infancy and that cats don't need it. Funny, my cat, White, nursed her kittens for a whole YEAR before stoppting the last kitten, Darling. Meow nursed Sunshine for 4 months then Sunshine nursed on White. Bianca showed no signs of weaning when I gave her kittens away at 9 weeks. I do agree that drinking cows milk has certain hazards, but kittens are not humans and Poppy is a total runt and needs the nurishment.

Number two, shame on me for feeding my cats a complete raw diet, and by complete I mean that I make the food according to specific nutritional guidelines for feline consumption. The vet told me I risked giving my cats salmonella and ecoli poisoning. You'd think he'd have leaned in medical school that cats have a VERY short digestive track and the food isn't in them long enough for those organisms to grow under normal conditions. But he didn't stop there. No, he actually told me that my daycare kids are at risk of getting these, too, because I prepare it in my home. By now I was thinking, "I am actually going to pay money for this before I leave here." I did not lecture him, but collected up my kitties and left, though he did agree with me that there was no use diagnosing Henry with ultrasound because he's took small for treatment (surgical) any way.

Remember how he declared Poppy healthy? That night she was so dehydrated that her skin stuck up if I pinched it. I gave her subcutaneous fluids and by morning she was much better and actually ate and has been normal ever since.

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