Tuesday, August 11, 2009

House Update - Still Chewing...

...because I feel for the past two weeks that I've taken too big of a bite. Remember that saying, "Don't bite off more than you can chew?"

I know it's just because I have the "Still got packing boxes in corners" blues because there are still many things that are not in their final places yet, and the swingset is still not assembled, though the handyman/engineer is returning in the morning, there is still a mountain of bark in my driveway (because it's supposed to go under the swingset) and this means that my trampoline is STILL in the garage in pieces! Why does it matter? Because I'm hosting a singles event this Saturday! I'm having the singles from my church over, with their kids (many are divorced) for a S'mores/Trampoline party.

I keep telling myself I'm making progress, after all, I did prepare the ground for the swingset. I hired a gardener to removed all the weeds and lay the weed barrier then after he left I laid more weed barrier and bought and loaded and unloaded then laid the bricks surrounding the area.

I vacume regularly. I keep up with the dishes pretty well. I've caught up and kept up with the laundry and I'm current on the house cleaning. I made a delicious Apple Crisp from the apples off my very own tree. I've kept Henry alive and now he's actually starting to thrive and grow real cat fur. I tackled the Final Frontier, which is the sewing room and it's almost usable. I also rearranged the daycare playroom, something I do regularly to keep the kids interested in the toys and things that I've got. I swept the attic and didn't wear a mask - I was blowing dirt out my nose for two days! But now I have neat stacks of daycare things in the attic ready for rotating, though the tarps I want to cover everything with are still in my car.

I put out an SOS to a friend and she's coming tomorrow morning for a couple of hours to help me. I hope to run to the store during that time to get the hoses for my bathroom faucet, amoung about ten other things that need doing.

Okay, enough ranting, time to get more stuff up into the attic, it's almost midnight, if I have a snack and sit for a minute, I'll get my second wind.

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