Friday, August 28, 2009

My Garden & Backyard Heaven

My $3 yard sale hammock hung between the apricot tree on the left and first plum tree on the right, against the lilac bushes.
Notice the lush green lawn!

This was the back yard the week of May 14 when I closed escrow and got the keys. The tree with the trunk showing is the first plum tree, the grass has a cement "curb" around it, and beyond the grass was the previous owner's vegetable garden in days long past. It's about 35' wide and 15-20' deep and where the play structure is now.

My play structure, started with a cheap set I bought off craigslist for $200. I then hired someone to clear all the weeds, I laid the brick border, spent a fortune on wood (I was ignorant and could have spent less, had I known), ordered a curved slide, hired an engineer/handyman, and had my deck design built then hauled 4 cubic yards of medium redwood bark from the driveway where it'd been dumped and waiting for a few weeks.

You can see from the different colored wood where some of the original components were used. Once I seal the deck it will be less conspicuous. Under the structure, I'm leaning toward building little kid benches and there will be an A-frame with a canopy on top where the umbrella is. My main design goal was to make this safe for 2 year-olds. I left three openings from the deck, where the slide is, where the rock wall/ladder is and one where the higher of the two platform steps are. I'm going to rebuild the rock wall without any ladder spaces and make it more challenging and safer for the older kids. The deck is about 4' high. I will also order a steering wheel and more handles and probably some type of tire swing or trapeze/ring thing. I have a double baby, half-bucket and full bucket swings to hang also, as needed.



Apples, which have grown large and sweetened up.

The peaches are ripe this week and sweet despite the dire condition of the tree, they are sweet. I hope to treat it and save it after this harvest.

My very first zucchini!

More of many...

Papaya squash, which might be ready next week.
This is a very pretty plant with huge leaves.

Early Girl tomatoes or Mama Mias, either way, they are tasty!

Big Beef, or Beefsteak tomatoes.

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Eliza2006 said...

The play area looks great! I need to have you come to my house to offer some suggestions...