Tuesday, September 15, 2009

29 Months

I'm watching CCAA carefully because in just a short while I will be one year's worth of referral days away from my log-in date! Once I hit that one year mark, I think I'll do the marbles in a jar thing.

The change on my little calerdar in how I mark off the days is because my agency predicted a wait of "24 months with a likely slow down" at the time I began my process. Now that I've reached that 24 month mark, I consider each month I wait, an "extra month."

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to sing and to dance said...

Hi K-
Got your email.
We just need to get past this last hurdle of the end of March. I know it's still a while, but Im actually starting to get more and more excited as we end March 06 referrals. I think we're going to be doing the marbles too. Cady needs something of substance to go by. Poor girl has been waiting as long as us!
You yard looks fantastic, BTW!