Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple's Room: Step 1

Finally, Apple's things are in HER very own bedroom. These are the books I've collected for her since the adoption started. I have another bin full of books that I had from before, too.

Here are some of the bins of baby/toddler clothing that I have. A few of these bins have boy clothes and the four large ones on the right are the things I've gotten for Apple since starting the adoption. The rest I began saving after my sister was born when I was ten and my mom gave me a few of her things. I have tons more downstairs, some in bins, boxes, and hanging up. It's all in Apple's closet now, along with her pram and stroller.

I pulled some things out to photograph. Here are some of my store-bought favorites, all from my friend's 2nd hand boutique except the pink sailor suit. Many are NWT, new with tags, or hardly worn at all since at this time, a very wealthy woman with one child and no family had bought everything her heart desired and she brought it all into my friend's store so I bought it all up. This was in the mid 1990s!




Japanese or European.
I can't begin to tell you how high the quality is on these fabrics; they are so soft!



Japanes brand Familiar, extremely high quality. When the San Francisco boutique closed, I shopped three times as things went from 40% to 90% off. The retial price on this lovely little thing, pre-sale, was $90!!!

Click to see the detail and the shimmer of the cotton.

Remember when I said could sew? Well, I can REALLY sew. I made these in the mid 1990s before I got good.

Japanese pattern

Vogue pattern. This is exquisite. What you can't see in the picture are pin tucks from the shoulders down, making a yoke.

German pattern, reversible jacket.

Jacket back detail.

This is cuter on than the boxy pictures shows. My friend made one for her daughter from the same pattern. The child is now 15 yrs. old!

Back collar detail.

I made this pattern and dress after seeing the exact thing from G*A*P.

German pattern. My all-time favorite.
I can't wait until my little Asian daughter wears this. Click to see the pinafore/cape fabric print and you'll see what I mean.

Same cape, different undersuit.


to sing and to dance said...

The clothes are absolutely ADORABLE!
While I was waiting for Cady, I went to a second hand store often and got so many cute items. I also went onto Ebay and typed in "24 mo boutique lot" Or "18 mo boutique lot"....or the like. OMG I got so many cute items. I was always asked where I got her clothes! Sometimes when I would respond people would snub their noses....Okay.....whatever.
Those clothes now all sit and wait for Melody. I haven't the heart yet to start looking for anything more. I think we have another 2 yrs or so. But the things and clothes therapy worked to get me thru the wait for Cady. I think it's good, and healthy that you bring Apple in physically to your life at this time. I believe we are more than half way there. I'm so glad you're in it for the long haul with us. I haven't heard of the other (I think two) families and if they're sticking it out or not. Have you?

Kim said...

Ha, I am glad to see I wasn't the only one who stockpiled tons of stuff while waiting!

This summer was the "summer of clothes", most of the ones I bought and saved for her while I was waiting. A few things will work for next summer too because she is so skinny, but I was sad to pack them away tonight and store them under her bed.