Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Biohazardous-Body-Fluid-Full Day

You read it right. I've been drowning in various bodyfluids and excrement all day. I need some yellow tape around my house that warns of great danger. Here's the scoop...

Incident 1: 11 month old male child removes pants and diaper while in a pack-n-play type bed (read this as ALL CLOTH bed). Child has been suffering from food-reaction diarrhea for two weeks and has a massive raw-bottom rash, worse I've ever dealt with. Hence, he's become VERY aware of how diapers work lately and how good it feels to have the poop off his bottom. Of course this diaper that was removed was full of the nasty stuff and it was smeared all over. Male child also piddled a large puddle for added entertainment.

Incident 2: 3 yr. old male child pees while napping on the napping mat. Not so messy, just inconvenient and more work.

Incident 3: 7 month old female child wet through her diaper, required partial wardrobe change and use of spare diaper cover.

Incident 4: Same female child pooped while sitting in the Bumbo seat. There is only one place for poop to go when a child is sitting in this seat and that is up the bottom crack like a riverway, out the diaper and up the back - way up the back. Child then was cleaned up and turned into a "bag lady" because she used up all her cloth diaper covers. Bag Lady means I cut the corners off a grocery back, stuck her legs through it and tied is at the waist, thus covering her cloth diaper safely. Second wardrobe change.

Incident 5: Same 3 yr. old male child ate a large lunch, had a cookie afterwards and promptly tossed it back up onto the swing when he threw himself onto the swing like superman on his belly.

All in a days work, eh?

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