Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moving Apple In

Okay, my housemate and her two kids moved out at the beginning of this month. I put up an ad for another housemate at the flight school nearby but haven't heard anything. That empty room finally got to me. Why are all of my daughter's things out in the garage when her room stands empty? I would LOVE to set up her crib and put the bedding in and paint the furniture and hang the curtains, but I'm still looking at a year and then some before my referral arrives. My compromise is to put the bins of clothes in the closet and maybe her pram, too. What may not fit there can fit in the "schoolroom" closet and drawers for now. I just put her special books on a shelf in there and it felt right. Her special books are the ones I've collected since starting the adoption. I have another collection of books that I'd saved for my future child long before this, but they are in one of the bins that will go in the closet. I will open some of the bins and take pictures of my pre-adoption "Hope Chest" loot. It'll knock your socks off to see how much I actually have, even if I don't count the boy stuff!


Eliza2006 said...

Where did your roommate go? Can't wait to see the pics of your accumulated loot!

(p.s. look for a package at your house next week)

K said...

My roommate got an apartment. She had been on a list for low-income housing in a complex being built. It was finally finished, but neither of us expected it to happen so soon.