Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gymnastics at 40

Last month I started taking adult gymnastics classes so I could relearn how to do flips on the trampoline. It's very fun but excruciating. I'm still not able to tell what hurts because it's out-of-shape and what hurts because a 40 year-old body isn't meant to do that, and I've forgotten how to stay tight, but I'm getting better.

The club where I take my class is one that I go way back with. The summer of 1983 I was a student there and it moved locations to the local historic theater. Two years before that, the theater was a roller skating rink and I'd been skating there. Three years later, in 1986, I was coaching gymnastics, still at the theater location. Now, over 20 years later, I'm a student again and it's at a third location.

This is a quick flip only video.
If you're short on time, this is the one to see.

Here I am in open gym.
I love the in-ground tramp; you can't fall off!

Going through my moves!

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Lisa~~ said...

You do great on the tramp, your flips look so smooth and natural! Thanks for following along with Maisie, I finally got a post up about her first meet! Have fun with your gymnastics and tramp time!