Thursday, October 15, 2009

:( Henry Shrunk

Yep, in the SIX days since I weighed him, Henry lost 1.6 ounces. He ate a lot this morning, then and hour later drank his special fortified milk. Cheers right? Nope, he's been bloated all day and won't eat dinner. He did, however, drink special unfortified milk. His tummy is like a hard rock, poor thing. This is what I get for adding more store-bought grain-free food to his mix than homemade raw food. Why did I do it? He was tempted by the smell to eat more. The motto around here is "Grow, Henry, Grow!" My saying for when his tummy rumbles (as loud as a 6 ft. man in a pub after a keg or two or, and I'm serious, like water cooler air bubbles) is "You've got aliens again."

*Update* I gave Henry an hour of tummy rubbing and got some aliens but not a lot. Hopefully the bloating will ease by tomorrow. I know when he needs a good tummy rub/massage by the tightness of his belly and when he cries out, which he did twice.

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