Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a Miracle!

I actually have the dishes done in BOTH kitchens, the floors steam-cleaned in BOTH kitchens and BOTH bathrooms ALL IN THE SAME DAY!!!

The trash is also out, the trampoline covered for the storm that is at this very moment arriving and I picked up the stuff off my bedroom floor that actually has a place. If I can pull out the Dyson and in a minute after I post, I'll have the upstairs and downstairs vacuumed at the SAME TIME, too.

One of these days, everything will have a place, there won't be boxes in corners and miscellaneous on the counters and I will get rid of the following in my garage that came with the house: large freezer, Victrola, antique dresser, 2 antique chairs and an antique stove. These items currently take up about 1/4 of my garage! If I get rid of them I can put the following IN my garage (stuff currently under my back patio roof): large wagon full of firewood, fire pit, patio table and chairs, shelf of canning jars and misc. kid toys.

I also have a lovely collection of misc. inexpensive furniture that I don't need anymore, a dresser in Apple's room which is currently the infant napping room, a matching nightstand that I keep bumping into in my middle of my laundry area, a smallish armoire blocking the closet door in the daycare playroom, and a "puzzle" shelf in the cat's room (schoolroom/Apple's playroom). Oh, and in the yard I have two small kid play structures that I don't need anymore and probably the EasyPeasy play thing, that's never been out of it's box. If the trampoline wasn't in the driveway, I'd have had a garage sale by now.

Time to get that Dyson moving... do notice that's it's after midnight!

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Lisa and Tate said...

Try selling you stuff on Craigs list. You will be rid of your stuff and a few dollars richer...