Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Items Decluttered!

I forgot to mention that I had a very successful weekend of getting those cumbersome items out of my garage that were included when I bought my house. I gave them all away.

Huge chest freeze: Gone to Dan the Produce Man
Picture this: Me (small) and Dan (about 6' 4") getting the freezer over the grass using two handtruck-style dollies, lifting the trampoline and resting it on a ladder to keep it up so we can pass under it, then lifting the freezer up into the high bed of the truck! It took about an hour.

Victrola: Donated to the local museum.
I got it out of the garage, over the grass and nearly past the trampoline (which is in the driveway), then I noticed my neighbor pull up and he helped me get it into my station wagon.

Classic Stove: Gone last week to Apple Stoves (how's that for a meant to be thing). Old guy came to pick it up, me helping again, and it took a good 45 minutes to get it over the grass, under the tramp and into the truck.

My patio has the Feng Shui feeling again as I can see out into the backyard now since all the patio furniture and stollers can fit into the garage!

Also last week, I got almost all the daycare stuff that I'm currently not using up into the attic by myself. I rotate the stuff so getting rid of it is not an option. And I sold a dresser & nightstand to my friend's brother and put a little white armoire out on the curb and it was gone within minutes.

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