Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

I opted to stay home alone and enjoy having my house all to myself. Of course, having three cats on medication and a car on its last legs helped my decision! But, I truly do enjoy being by myself and to celebrate the first Thanksgiving in my new house, I made a turkey dinner yesterday for my daycare kids and myself with the ulterior motive that today I would simply role out of bed, which I did at noon, and serve myself up an instant feast, which I did!

The menu included this lovely 12 pound turkey, cooked in the downstairs oven, while the pumpkin pie was cooking simultaneously in the upstairs oven, butternut squash, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy and cranberry sauce.

Growing up in a large family where it was common to make 12 pies and a 25 pound "bird," some of us would voice out loud our wish for a house with two ovens. For the first time, I finally got my wish and it was all I imagined it would be. Besides being very convenient, the house smelled delicious!

I ate my feast today sitting on my back patio swing in perfect warm, clear weather. Each cat got some turkey, which they loved. After eating, I played my piano for a little bit then started pottering around the house until a friend arrived. She's a new friend so I showed her the house and her little terrier dog visited with my cats. My cat Rose was very intrigued. I think she'd like having a dog which makes sense to me since she doesn't like other cats anymore, though she tolerates Henry well. Once the friend left, I hit the backyard, declaring war on the weeds. They came after the last rain with a vengeance, popping up between the bricks of the very back patio so thick that the bricks couldn't be seen. I took advantage of the absence of children, to spray some week killer after pulling out what I could and weed-wacking down the rest. It sure looks great back there now! Tomorrow's goal is to pull the weeds in the flower beds and harvest the last of the tomatoes. There are probably about a dozen of them.

I am thankful every day for my new home, good health, my pets and Henry's improvement, a means to earn a living, and many more obvious things. Today, however, as I enjoyed my yard and worked in it, I particularly felt thankful for my wonderful grandfather, who we called Pa, because he always kept his yard beautiful and looked like he enjoyed doing it very much. It was a wonderful example for me and each time I do yard work, I think of him and love him and feel so glad I had him. And every time I mow my grass I talk to him. I usually begin by saying, "Well, Pa, I'm doing it, hehe, even though I'm a girl," and Tuesday I said, "I can appreciate the fine lawn mower you had even though your yard was small. I'll get a better one in a year or two myself and I'll be sure to go to Sears."

Yesterday as I cooked, I was thankful for my grandmother, my TuTu, as we all called her. I spent many, many hours sitting on a stool in the kitchen watching her cook. I learned to make pies and jam and all kinds of delicious things and learned many things not even related to cooking. She loved to take care of her family. I said to her as I was cooking, "Look at me now, TuTu, I know you're proud of me and that I still amaze you. I think you'd have come to live with me long ago if I'd had this house back then. We'd have had a great time!"

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