Sunday, November 15, 2009

Henry's Breakthrough!

Today Henry had three major accomplishments, things healthy felines and feline owners take for granted.

1. I had a box laying on its side with the bottom removed and Henry zipped through it, into and around it.

2. He pounced ON Poppy and when they wrestled, he WON! He flipped her over and pinned her and stood up the victor. This has NEVER happened. Usually, she grabs the back of his neck or whatever bit of him she finds, in her teeth and he cries like a wimp. He's not a wimp; he just hasn't felt well so it really hurts him.

3. He stuck his head and front paws down into the cat toy basket to have a look. Until now he's avoided inverting himself.

Here's a video I took a few days ago when he was having a pretty bad day. He was bloated and really not feeling well and snuggled down between Sam and Velvet. Velvet started washing him on one side and when she was finished, Sam washed him on the other side. The, Merlin washed Sam's face while Velvet washed Sam's tail, but that's on Part 2 toward the end. You can see how many times Henry burps and regurges. That night he threw up on my bed and he felt a lot better. I increased his dose of Reglan and put him back on Clavamox and he was feeling much better by the end of the day.

This second video shows Sam washing Henry at the same time that Velvet is washing Sam, then Merlin washes Sam and at 3:35 minutes you can hear Henry purring.

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