Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Really Can't Believe It

It just doesn't feel to me that 31 months have passed since my dossier was logged in with CCAA in China. The time is flying by. I have so much I'm doing that is swamping me, all part of The Great Adoption Plan, but it's all coming together slowly, but surely.

I've finally gotten the bare bones of my functioning routine in place. I'm getting enough sleep - finally - after using some serious self-discipline to get to bed earlier. This has given me a fully functioning brain and enough energy to get as much done during the day as I can, leaving me evenings relatively free, which is when I'm tired.

Relatively free requires defining as this: There is always more I have to do, but only so much I feel I need to do before I can truly say I've finished working for the day.

I have categories:
Daycare work
New Conceptions work
Cat Care

Broken down, these categories overlap a little and look like this:

Daycare work -
Caring for the kids 9 1/2 hours a day
Meal prep, scheduling walks, outdoor play, tutoring, snacks, pick-up times, etc.
Housework pertaining to the downstairs
Dishes in the downstairs kitchen/counters, sink, table and chairs cleaned
Vacuuming/Steaming the floors
Outdoor care - mow the grass, check the bark in the play structure area, strollers put away, porch swept.

New Conceptions work -
Right now this business is getting very little attention beyond filling orders and getting them mailed. I really need to get in touch with my customer base through electronic newsletters again, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to work the program. I hope to solve this issue by the end of the month.

Cat Care
Medications for Henry (Reglan 3-4x daily, pepsid 2x daily, Clavamox 2x daily)
Medications for my hyperthyroid girls (1 pill each, 2x daily)
I have to cut the pills for all the cats and for Henry I have to crush it and mix it with liquid, each time.
Grooming (Trim their claws & Brush them)
Clean the poo boxes
Pet, love and play with each one during which time I pay attention to the feel of their bodies, make sure things are as they should be.
Burp Henry, feed him by hand as necessary
Poppy gets one bottle a day still for emotional reasons (she needs the extra nurturing or she gets a little wild)

Divided between upstairs, downstairs and outside front and back.
The downstairs and backyard always have priority since these are the daycare areas.
I don't try to do it all in one day anymore and it's working well. I am taking a more Fly Lady approach to zones, but I don't have a specifically organized method. It's all according to the moment. If the day is nice when I'm outside with the kids then I'll fill one grocery sack full of weeds or prune the apple tree or sweep the patio.

If the kids are playing well, I'll pull out the vacuum and maybe swish and swipe the toilet downstairs. I save steaming the floors until the kids are gone.

You all know the challenges of housework, I have the same challenges.

I have a fencing lesson on Thursday and gymnastics on Tuesday and I don't miss these. I should be actually fencing on Monday nights for sure and Wednesday nights most of the time. Before I bought the house, this was easy. Now, I use this time for the house stuff.

I walk with the kids often, but I can only walk as fast and far as the slowest child since some have outgrown the stroller.

By the time I have Apple, this will all be a smooth-running machine.

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to sing and to dance said...

OK I have to laugh at this one "By the time I have Apple it will be a smooth running machine"
At 48 yrs old, raised one bio son, now 26 yrs old, raised three step kids, now 28,30,32 yrs old, and now all over again with daughter 5 yrs old......I still don't have a smooth running machine. I think it broke at least 3 times in the mean time, and Im fairly certain I replaced it with a few used parts to save money, cus kids are expensive.
Your machine will chug along, and need fuel, and belch, and expect you to get it in gear. But ya know what? It will be YOUR machine, and you can smile at it, knowing that all of it's quirky needs are part of the process of life. It will be the going in that well oiled but over used machine,....not the getting there, that will keep it running.
I don't plan on a year, but I do hope for 2 years for us to be traveling together.