Friday, November 20, 2009

This & That

I'm ready for the weekend. The dishwasher is loaded and ready to run after I go to bed. I vacuumed everything (carpets, crevices, blinds) downstairs and just the carpet upstairs yesterday and also steamed all the hard floors.

I've been very successful with cooking ahead lately. It's so much cheaper to plan this way. I think my grocery bill will be almost half of normal so I need to make this my new normal. I have another recipe to post but the pictures aren't so good since I took them with my hand help video camera.

Yesterday, I started knitting Apple a dress. It's going to be lime green with dots of various sizes and colors. It will be a size 4. Pictures to come.

Henry has grown tremendously lately and it caused him to lose weight, over three ounces. But, he's gained it all back and then some and now weighs 4 pounds and 13.6 ounces. He's playing a lot more for him, but it's still not like a normal kitten. He's been having some funny breathing this week a lot, using more effort than normal, what I'd almost called labored breathing, but it doesn't last. I wonder if it's from eating so much more than he's used to eating and having pressure on the diaphram or if it's reflux into the trachea or both. I'll call the vet tomorrow and give her an update and mention it.

I'm off to bed so I can make the most of tomorrow!

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