Thursday, December 10, 2009

Car Crunch

I'm glad to have one, I NEED a new one. Yesterday, in my area, we broke the all time record for the coldest day in recorded history. It snowed! My car doesn't have a working heater and it will cost a ridiculous amount of money to get to the $20 part to fix it. Also...

I'm on my second engine,
Third transmission,
The starter is about to die,
I can't climb hills or something leaks out and burns,
The speedo/odometer cable snapped,
A crack in my windshield just expanded with the freeze,
I have to add antifreeze every week to replace what leaks out, and oil about every month for the same reason.
I need new tires and the radio won't turn off.
Oh, and the windshield wipers only work sometimes!

Think of me when you're in your cozy BMW, B!

1 comment:

B said...

Holy cow! The BMW was two cars ago. Traded it in before R was born. But yes, I will still be thinking of you. ;)