Sunday, December 6, 2009

Budget Crunch

Due to government mismanagement of our tax dollars, the State of California just gave me a pay reduction, by about 20%, for my daycare child who is subsidized, and this is with his mom making a co-payment to the subsidizing program.

Since getting medical insurance through Kaiser in Jan. 2007, my monthly rate has gradually climbed from $156 to $280, as of Jan. 1, 2010. I've only used their services twice, both for preventative screenings. That is almost a 100% inflation rate. As a result, since I need to maintain my insurance for my adoption, I recently changed plans, to the lowest plan possible without having to submit an application.

I feel like I'm being bled to death, slowly and steadily, no matter how hard I work.


Kim said...

I feel your pain.

Leslie said...

Oh honey! We'll get you through this. I just wrote someone on Alameda Parents Network who was looking for infant care about you and also forwarded them your Berkeley Parents Network review.

I can't figure out how to leave a review there, but I will!

B said...

Teachers are feeling this huge budget crisis, too. "Crunch" doens't even come close. Will be keeping you in my prayers, as always <3 xxoo

K said...

B, you're right, crunch doesn't even come close. At least, if you and D are both still employed, you have two incomes, benefits and retirement, plus you won't lose your child if you don't earn a certain amount per year. I can't say the same.