Monday, December 14, 2009

Henry is FIVE Pounds!

It's a Miracle!

Henry is doing as well as he possibly can be, given his condition! He is extremely loving to everyone he meets, he's got nerves of steel, and one of the best cat moments of my life was to awaken one morning to see him playing with my shoelaces. In fact, any time he does anything "normal" for a kitten, I'm in awe and celebrate. He's even had his first gentle scolding for trying to take food off my plate. I'm so glad to have him and my other cats, young and old. I treasure each of them and am especially happy to be celebrating another Christmas with my Meow, who is almost 18 years old. She and White, who died awhile ago, were my original kitties that I got in 1992. As I sit here typing, I'm happily distracted by the kittens darting back and forth and under the Christmas tree, up the window sills and down again, and all over the place. They are such a happy herd of kitties.

Henry, Sammy (10+ pounds), Brother (9 lbs. 13.2 oz.)

Brother and Poppy!

Brother loves his Poppy.


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