Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Finished Tree in natural light without a tripod, hence the blur.

Choosing a tree this year was fun since I was able to fit a full, round one in my new house. I was longing for a full, 8 foot Noble Fir, but they were very expensive so I knew it was out of the question for this year. Instead, I got a bushy 6 foot Douglas Fir and put it up on a table. The drawback to the Douglas Firs is that the branches are weak and can't support the ornaments. They also don't have space between the branches to really show off the ornaments or allow room for the beads to drape. On the plus side, they are pretty!

The naked tree in the naked windows.

Almost done.

My Lil' Helper, Henry.
Every time he does something kitten-like, I rejoice,
because he's such a little miracle.

Light fixture dilemma.
No, this fixture isn't the tree topper!

Photographing from the side to avoid the light fixture.

Going to a party!

Did some curls on the ponytail and they actually stayed in!

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Kim said...

I like your tree, I decided not to spend the extra $ and get a live one since I had two nice fake ones already. I wish mine had the smell tho.