Monday, December 14, 2009

Sewing Day

One of my daycare moms sews and knits and does crafts, as I do, and her baby needed winter pants that fit over diaper service diapers, unlike most ready-to-wear baby clothes do. I invited her over for my first ever in my new house Sewing Day yesterday and we were both in heaven! We sewed these five pairs of reversible pants. If you click on the photo, it will come up larger and you can see how gorgeous they are. I made one matching pinafore, too, but will post a picture of it with the pants later.

I put up a table in the downstairs family room which overlooks the back yard through a sliding glass door and window that makes the entire back wall of that room. It was pouring rain and we were so cozy inside with good music playing, good quality fabric running through our fingers and sewing machines, and the satisfaction of knowing we were being creative, nurturing, productive, and simply relaxing in the time honored tradition of women thoughout history.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, I made this doll crib bedding for one of my little friends and clients. This crib belonged to her mother before her.

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