Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Was It Like?

My first Christmas in my new house. Well....I am definitely starting to love my house. Now that winter is here, I'm not out in the yard much at all and I know I've blogged about how much I love my yard, but I didn't fall in love with my house immediately because I just didn't know it well enough. I figured by Christmas I'd love it and that's what I told anyone who asked if I loved my house.

There's nothing like decorating to get to know each nook and cranny. I felt the first stirrings of love around Halloween and it's been slowly growing on me ever since.

What is really making me fall in love with my house is the total separation between the work areas and living areas. I haven't had that in 12 years so you can imagine how nice it must feel to finally "be home from work."

There are still boxes in the living/dining room, but 2 or 3, and a few in a corner in my bedroom. The sewing room is a total disaster area that requires acrobatic feats to get from the doorway to the cutting table, but I have been sewing and sewing and it's almost heaven.

Back to the main subject, what was Christmas like...

Well, it was low-key. I went to friends' on Christmas Eve and that was fun. Christmas day I honestly slept in until noon, stayed in my pajamas and sewed until 6pm, then went to two movies. I will give the cats new toys in a little while, even though it's nearly 3am.

Next year I hope to host the family gathering. I didn't gather this year because my car is on it's last legs and I have cats on medications, two recovering from being "fixed" (Brother and Poppy), and I'm pretty poor right now, too.

Brother was finally castrated. A friend took him in for me since I couldn't take off work. Poor thing. When I picked him up he was shaking. I asked why and the tech said he was a "scaredy cat." Sure he was scared, but really, he's a very sensitive boy. He likes to get used to things slowly then he's fine. I really felt bad for him. He was in a lot of pain, too, because his incision was large to accommodate his large testicles. Yes, my man was well-endowed. I'll not wait so long ever again in I have another male kitten. For two days afterward, he startled when he heard approaching footsteps and didn't sleep well.

Poppy did well even though she was frantic in her sleep the first night, legs twitching and rolling all over. Her incision was smaller than brother's, only one tiny stitch and she didn't seem to be in much pain.

I'm nervous about waiting to do Henry now that I've seen what Brother went through. The thing about Henry, though, is that his condition makes anesthesia more complicated and dangerous.

I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve weekend since it means more time off work and my birthday.

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