Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Cat's Pajamas

Hehe, yes I'm laughing like crazy, but my little girl feline got rather chewed up by our visitor kitten, Quincy, over the holidays. Each little bite has grown because she keeps licking off the scabs. If she doesn't lick them, Sammy does, since he's a good nanny cat and cleans everyone.

She's too tiny for the plastic "radar" collar I have and, while it will keep her from licking, it won't stop Sam. If I put the collar on her and put her in the kennel, I'm afraid she'll hurt herself in unhappiness. That left only one option: full bodywear.

I bought a sewing pattern for dogs, but the sizes, as with their people clothes patterns, were WAY off. Next, I bought an outfit at the pet store, but it didn't fit either. I ended up making a lot of alternations to the first pattern, including adding elastic, moving the armholes, making it thinner and the legs much shorter, the tail hole much bigger and the next much smaller. Poppy doesn't mind them too much, thank goodness, but she doesn't feel that she can jump, which is a good thing because she's been in some trouble on the kitchen counter lately. I'm going to make her another pair in case the first ones get dirty since she's going to be in them for quite awhile.

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Kim said...

I think it is a great idea, much better than a cone.