Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Day

I have a ritual that I go through each year on January 1st and it is choosing a journal for the upcoming year. I have kept a written journal every year of my life from about age 8 or 9 with the exception of about three years. I love looking at all the different blank books, wondering which one I'll be able to stand looking at every day for an entire year. It also must have smooth pages. I love writing on smooth paper and really hate writing on rough paper because I love the feel of the ball of the pen rolling smoothly. For the last few years, I've perferred a journal with a little Asian flavor, but I have to admit that I did get tired of seeing last year's journal. While striking in green and gold, it wasn't exactly pretty. This year's I would definitely call pretty.

I started the day right with a good session of jumping on my trampoline. It's been awhile because of the rain. I didn't flip because it's been so long. I'm a bit paranoid of falling off my trampoline. The one at my gymnastics club is in-ground.

I went out to the movies at night and the most delicate rain was falling, illuminated by the lights in the parking lot. It wasn't very cold and there wasn't any wind, just this perfect rain. I loved how it felt on my face and I admit I did a few spins around with my arms outstretched and just enjoyed it.

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