Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vaccination Insanity

As of last year, if you adopt in China, the US Government is now demanding all the vaccinations (shots) be done in Guangzhou instead of having the children examined by a pediatrician and tested and vaccinated, if appropriate, in the US. This is extremely risky for the children and for some this may mean 6-10+ shots for the children in one day.

There is no way to monitor the quality of the vaccine serums used and it takes several WEEKS for the children's bodies to make use of the vaccines and make the appropriate antibodies anyway. Besides the physical discomfort of the actual injections (a terrible way to make a child trust you and their new parents) and the discomfort in the following days, until your child has been thoroughly examined by a skilled pediatrician, not the quick little once over done for immigration, it may actually be very dangerous for your child to be vaccinated.

Please help us get this bill to stop this to the floor for a vote in the Senate by
contacting your senator and letting them know your support of the bill , and
by signing this online petition. Please pass this on to friends, co
workers, neighbors, adoption groups etc. The more voices we have the
quicker we can get this fixed. http://www.gopetiti 33942.html

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm in Love - With My Toto Toilet!

I didnt' install these myself, but I probably could have. Look at this sleek baby! I have two of them! Only .9 gallons to flush pee and 1.6 gallons to flush poop. I expect to see a large difference on my water bill because with all my daycare kids going potty, we flush a lot around here.

I love the pedestal style; no cleaning convoluted curves on the outside of the bowl.

As a bonus, they were on sale for $231 each and I get a $50 rebate on each one from the water company!

I did shop around for a seat and lid and at H*me Dep*t I found this great lid that had a child-sized seat nested in the lid and held there by a magnet. I have been putting this to good use already with the 16 month old I have in my daycare.

Old downstairs toilet

New gorgeous toilet with dual flush, one for each bathroom!
Notice the pedestal-type base, very easy to clean.

Beemis seat from Home Depot with a built-in child seat.

While awaiting disposal, someone took the beige one!

I Did It Myself!

Sheer will power! That's what it took in the final moments.

I hung my over-the-range microwave BY MYSELF today! It took me from 1pm to 8:15pm and three trips to the home improvement store: one, for things I thought I needed, two, to exchange parts for what I ended up needing, and, three, to return one other unneeded item and get two needed drill bits.

In doing this, I reached a new milestone. I installed an outlet from a wire. This is the second time I've done any electrical work. It was not difficult, bit I did have a huge moment of panic when I lost my wire in the wall. The twine I'd tied to it in order to pull it to it's new location broke. Thank heavens for wire hangers because that's what I used to fish around and find it again.

A surprise was that the wood making up the back of the cabinet above the microwave extended down about 1 1/2 inches below the cabinet. I used a flathead screwdriver like a chisel and bashed a dashed line where I needed it to end and then took a crowbar and pried and splintered the wood away. It worked, but my cat Nini took exception to the noise and mess and peed on some things I had on the table.

The final moment of actually lifting the microwave into place was hard. It's pretty heavy and very difficult to hold it so far out away from myself over the stove. I called a neighbor, but he wasn't home, so I prayed and then mustered up every ounce of will power I possess and did it.

Before, old fan, pulled out like a drawer, no light.
It's not bad in the picture, but looked awful in real life.

Yucky old thing.

What a mess! Can't figure out why the doll is there!

Finally done!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I like tigers, they are big cats after all, and I LOVE cats. I hope my daughter will be born in the Year of the Tiger. I look forward to the time when she is here and we celebrate by getting out the Chinese New Year Barbie and going into San Francisco for the Chinese New Year Parade.