Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm in Love - With My Toto Toilet!

I didnt' install these myself, but I probably could have. Look at this sleek baby! I have two of them! Only .9 gallons to flush pee and 1.6 gallons to flush poop. I expect to see a large difference on my water bill because with all my daycare kids going potty, we flush a lot around here.

I love the pedestal style; no cleaning convoluted curves on the outside of the bowl.

As a bonus, they were on sale for $231 each and I get a $50 rebate on each one from the water company!

I did shop around for a seat and lid and at H*me Dep*t I found this great lid that had a child-sized seat nested in the lid and held there by a magnet. I have been putting this to good use already with the 16 month old I have in my daycare.

Old downstairs toilet

New gorgeous toilet with dual flush, one for each bathroom!
Notice the pedestal-type base, very easy to clean.

Beemis seat from Home Depot with a built-in child seat.

While awaiting disposal, someone took the beige one!

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