Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vaccination Insanity

As of last year, if you adopt in China, the US Government is now demanding all the vaccinations (shots) be done in Guangzhou instead of having the children examined by a pediatrician and tested and vaccinated, if appropriate, in the US. This is extremely risky for the children and for some this may mean 6-10+ shots for the children in one day.

There is no way to monitor the quality of the vaccine serums used and it takes several WEEKS for the children's bodies to make use of the vaccines and make the appropriate antibodies anyway. Besides the physical discomfort of the actual injections (a terrible way to make a child trust you and their new parents) and the discomfort in the following days, until your child has been thoroughly examined by a skilled pediatrician, not the quick little once over done for immigration, it may actually be very dangerous for your child to be vaccinated.

Please help us get this bill to stop this to the floor for a vote in the Senate by
contacting your senator and letting them know your support of the bill , and
by signing this online petition. Please pass this on to friends, co
workers, neighbors, adoption groups etc. The more voices we have the
quicker we can get this fixed. http://www.gopetiti 33942.html

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to sing and to dance (karen) said...

OK Im confused. I thought the law required that this happens if the child is 24 months or older. Or is it the tests only (TB) that my memory is taking me to?