Friday, March 12, 2010

Fashion Friday #19

I've been getting to the baby resale store and Gymboree more often now that the weather is better. It's where I get to think exclusively of Apple and add things to what I now call the Apple Barrel.

Hanna Andersson Jacket (used, but you can't tell)

Gymboree (new, size 3, outfit to honor Pooch & her sister Darling)

Gymboree (used)

Children's Place (used)

First Disney (used)

Shoes (used), Socks and Hair Things Gymboree (new)

Hanna Andersson Dress/Leggings (used), Shoes Gymboree (new)

There is a story behind all the new Gymboree stuff. I've been avoiding the store to save money; don't look, don't buy theory. I finally had to go in and when I did I found the above accessories on sale and the red shoes in the picture with the red Hanna Andersson play dress. They were normally $24.95 and were marked down to $14.99 so I bought a size 9 and figured Apple will be sure to wear them at some point. I passed on the kitty outfit at this time. When I got home, I found my 20% off coupon so the next weekend I brought back my receipt and they took off the 20% plus the discount on all the items since they'd been marked down further during the week. This meant I could get the kitty outfit, which added only $5.50. The shoes were now $9.99 and the 20% off brought them down to $7.99. I found the red Hanna Andersson dress set the next week so I wanted another pair of the red shoes in a smaller size to go with it so I went back a third time to Gymboree. Now the shoes were marked down to $6.99. Luckily, I had the shoes and the receipt with me so they gave me the mark down and I bought two other pair in different sizes!

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Kim said...

Oh, I really like the kitty outfit. I might wander over to gymbo-land now!