Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting Excited

The last batch of referrals covered families logged in April 11, 2006. My log in date is April 15, 2007. As I get to the "one year's worth of referrals out" date, I'm getting excited because, to me, it's the final countdown. Understand, though, that this doesn't mean I'll be one year from receiving my referral. It means that families with a log in date one year before mine will have been matched. In the past two months of referrals, only 11 days were covered. That's actually pretty good compared to how it's been with 2 and 4 day batches.

So far during this wait, my youngest sister and several friends have become pregnant with their first babies, had them, and are now pregnant with or have had their second babies. Some are even on their third!

I called my adoption agency, Heartsent, to find out when my next I-171H update is due and it's coming up in June or July. I've already had my free update so I'll be writing more checks this time. It also means a bunch of paperwork and an updated homestudy. I'm excited about the home study because my social worker, who I like, will get to see my new house for the first time. By then the yard will be like paradise in the middle of summer.

Speaking of my house, I've been weeding and weeding in the back yard. We've had so much rain that the weeds grew faster than I could get them out between storms. I've had some help with the weeding in the form of my new daycare assistant(s), but it's still taking many, many hours.

Last Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous and it's continued into this week. I got on my trampoline Saturday and again today. It felt sooooo good. I'm not attending my gymnastics class this month due to budget conservation so the exercise was very welcome. After 20 minutes of jumping and flipping tonight, I got on my Urban Rebounder and did a 40 minute aerobic/endurance workout. Then I ate - a lot!


Anonymous said...
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to sing and to dance (karen) said...

Not too happy about having to fork out money again. We just paid for the California re-adopt for Cady. We waited a while because of the costs and also because we thought it was pointless. But then, her first grade school said that regardless of adopting her in China, they would have to use her Chinese first and last name in school....that was just weird. So, we bit the bullet and paid HSnt for the extra fees. The upside is that it will give her a California BC. So, when we travel again, getting her a passport will be a breeze.