Thursday, May 13, 2010

Apple's Room

I've been spending more time in Apple's room lately and it's starting to feel like a real part of my house for the first time. When I first moved in, remember, I had a friend living with me and she used Apple's room. So, from the start, I didn't go in there and the bathroom doors were always closed. The bathroom is between my room and Apple's room. A couple weeks ago, I actually slept in there for the first time because my aunty was visiting and I gave her my room. During the day, I put two of my daycare babies in there for naps.

The same weekend my aunty came, the day she left, one of my daycare babies, 14 months old, stayed overnight for two nights while her parents were out-of-town. I kept the bathroom doors open and I went in and out of the room and through the bathroom to my room just as it will be when Apple is here.

I've been thinking a lot about how Apple's furniture will fit. The dresser I bought to refinish for her is wider and lower so that she can get into the drawers herself and look at herself in the mirror I'll hang above it, but a narrower, taller dresser would give her a lot more space. I suppose I'll be able to change it when she's about 10 years old and taller. I'd also hoped to get my rocking chair in there, but it doesn't look like it will fit. There is also only one outlet in the entire room and it's behind where the dresser will probably have to be.

I'm really looking forward to the time when it's right to start getting everything ready!

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