Friday, May 7, 2010

Babies - The Movie

I saw Babies tonight and I highly recommend it because it really makes one think about one's own beliefs about raising a child.

I've been fortunate enough to have lived in Asia and to have friends from Africa and to get a glimpse of the contrasts in parenting methods, but I found that seeing it in this movie was incredible - mostly the contrasts.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead...

What first struck me as very interesting is that of the three families that used diapers, it was the American family who used cloth diapers. The Mongolian family living on the prairie in a yurt used disposable diapers (later, no diapers) as did the Japanese family. It was also the American baby who began life in a neonatal intensive care unit.

The dirt didn't bother me, the African baby mouthing dirt, rocks, and bones didn't bother me, but the flies did. Flies have been on dung and/or rotten carcasses.

I cracked up when the American baby was at a mommy & me singing some kind of wanna be primitive Indian song about the earth and the baby wanted to leave, then the scene switches to a baby living in a truly primitive fashion. It was hilarious!

The Mongolian family living in the yurt may have seemed primitive, but the baby, surprisingly, was not born at home, and they had a cell phone and satilite dish and either TV or a computer.

The Japanese family was very mod. In what looked like the daycare for the infant, I recoiled a lot because of the sound of so many crying babies. I run my daycare in a manner that exudes calmness around the babies as much as possible, with the appropriate stimulation, of course, but there is always an underlying calmness that gives the babies security so they don't cry in the manner the movie babies in the daycare did. It seems that McClaren strollers win the popularity contest. Of all the strollers shown, this brand made up over half of them. I can understand it easily; they are GREAT strollers. I have three of them! One for Apple and a single and double for my daycare.

Side note: I currently have 11 strollers! Add four or five more if you count doll strollers, too.

I was impressed with the care that other children gave the African babies, even young children. As a child, I was always asking to hold and take care of people's babies at church and spent many Saturdays voluntarily babysitting until I was 9 years old and started getting paid, so this seemed very normal to me, but impressive because they seemed so caring and tender with them.

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Eliza2006 said...

I didn't read the spoilers because I'm SO excited to see this movie...can't wait!
By the way, I've been meaning to e-mail you. I have those newborn cloth diapers you gave me still. Would you like them back?