Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fashion Friday #23: Gymboree Binge

Hello, I'm K, and I'm a Gymboreeholic and I LOVE it!!!

It was time to take advantage of the great weekend sale and earn those Gymbucks. I looked online first and then went to the store. I was sad, at first, because I thought I'd missed the sale of a line I liked a lot, but I was talking to myself out loud about missing it and the saleswoman heard me and said, "Oh, I think there is some left in the back," which was music to my ears. What remained was only in size 5 so I've now officially bought waaay into Apple's future. I won't remove any tags in case they don't suit her and I need to eBay them later.

I bought 13 pieces for $114.69 and $10.21 of that is sales tax. If you average that (including the tax) it comes to $8.82 per item. Anyone who has ever been to Gymboree knows what a steal this is.

Now the good part...

Everything from left to right, top to bottom:
Purple top w/ tucks & embroidered flowers (sz3): $6.39 (Reg. $22.75)
Striped Leggings (sz3): $4.79 (Reg. $22.75)
Sun Hat (sz3): $5.59 (Reg. $12.75)
Corker Hair Bow: Reg. $5.00, I paid full price
Stacking Animals Top (sz3): $7.19 (Reg. $19.75)
Flower Capris (sz3): $12.79 (Reg. $29.75)
Shirred Peasant Top w/ embroidery & bling (sz5): $9.59 (Reg. $22.75)
Flower Pants (sz5): $7.19 (Reg. $29.75)
Flower zip hoodie (sz5): $7.19 (Reg. $28.75)
Green Capris w/ pocket embroidery (sz5): $13.59 (Reg. $29.75)
Floral Top w/ embroidery (sz5): $7.99 (Reg. $19.75)
Giraffe Top w/ applique & bling (sz5): $12.39 (Reg. $19.75)
Striped Leggings (sz 5): Reg. $4.79 ($19.75)
And I earned $50 in Gymbucks!

All the size threes mix & match.

Add a t-shirt or turtleneck under these to use them all year long.

I'm really getting into elephants, giraffes and monkeys!

All the size fives mix & match, too!

The floral prints remind me of Monet paintings.

This giraffe has appliqued flowers with a little sparkle in each center.

This is a big girl top, nothing baby about it.
I can imagine Apple at 5 yrs. old wearing this.

This SUPER soft top also has a little sequins in the embroidery.

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