Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Friend Dreamed of Apple

My best friend, E, just called and told me that she dreamed of my daughter. In her dream, I'd just returned from China with Apple and wanted E to come and see her. E came over and I had Apple in the backyard and it was a sunny day. Apple was running around, swinging and jumping like a well-adjusted child and looked about 2 years old. She had her hair cut in a short bob with bangs. I told E to be careful that Apple was shy and scared and not used to things yet, but E saw Apple running around and playing like any happy child would.

That's it.

I asked my friend if I told her Apple's name in the dream and she said that I didn't. I honestly don't even try thinking of naming her until I at least see her picture or even in real life, or, unless I hear her name in my head.

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