Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Rocking Chair

I bought a sofa at a thrift shop last Saturday. My livingroom has only one wall and the piano is against it, so there's no really good place for a sofa against the bay windows (back of the sofa to the windows). I hate it there, but it's the only place for now until I get my computer moved down to the office and turn my formal dining area into a sitting room. Or, come into some money and get a used baby grand piano and put it in the diningroom and the sofa where the piano is now.

I've always disliked sofas placed with the back to the windows, especially right up against the windows. I love looking out of windows, not sitting with my back to them. People sitting on the sofa with the sun behind them are back-lit so one cannot really see their faces either. My windows are very pretty and I have a tree right outside to look at, and the sunset, so why block a good view with a sofa?

The good side, however, is that my rocking chair, which I've had for years and years and years, and was in the livingroom, is now where it is supposed to be - in Apple's room! I've even sat in it while feeding a baby and I truly love it there. I was so worried that there wasn't going to be room for it, but there is. Unfortunately, there is only one power outlet in the entire room and it's on the opposite wall so I can't have a little lamp on a little table unless it's battery-powered. I might be able to run an extension cord under the rug or something later.

Little-by-little, this house is becoming home and one day, sometime in the future, I'll bring my little daughter here and tell her she's home.


Karen said...

Nice to know you found the "place" for the rocking chair. Our formal dining room is the "computer room" and it works out really well. We have three computers in this room, and Cady has her own computer. Sometimes it's family night on the computers. I like them being in the open, and we wouldn't use this room for dining anyway.

Lisa~~ said...

Thank you for your comments on Maisie and your wishes for my health. Maisie was able to enter kindergarten early at a private school. At 3 years of age she was tested and accepted at 3 different schools. Interestingly though, she's not eligible to start public school kindergarten until 2011.

I feel you on putting a sofa with its back to a window, not ideal. Hope that you are enjoying getting your house organized for your little one.

Cheryl said...

Hey Kimi, I'll be up in the bay area July 30-Aug 4 and would love to see you. Let me know if you'll be in town.